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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of music do you play?
A: The way we look at it is: IT'S YOUR EVENT! We can play anything and everything; or only one thing if you prefer. Ultimately it's up to you. We take pride in our professional ability to "read the crowd" and provide a variety of music that will appeal to all tastes and ages. However, if a client instructs us to NOT play certain songs or to PLAY only songs they request, it will be our pleasure comply as instructed. We can also offer a "Clean Music" list for your approval.

Q: Will you play songs with obscene or suggestive lyrics?
A: Yes & No. The DJ, depending on the event and your specific instructions, we'll play whatever you like. An all clean music list can be provided and requested in advance.

Q: Can I make a list of songs I want played?
A: Yes! We encourage that you list some of your favorite songs and ask your guest as well. Keep in mind the music that YOU enjoy might not always be the same music your guests would enjoy. We will also happily take requests from you and your guests at your event and play as many as possible.

Q. Do you take requests?
Some DJ's play only the music that THEY like and REFUSE to play requests. At Ace Entertainment we WELCOME requests! As a professional, I always choose to play only music that is appropriate, tasteful, and danceable. However, we will never forget that YOU are the client and will play whatever you like. As we say here, "We Play What You Say."

Q: Will you need anything to setup your equipment?
A: Yes. We require the use of either two (2) six-foot tables or a single eight-foot table. Usually, the facility manager or banquet coordinator will provide tables for us. We also need at least one electrical outlet within 10 feet of the setup area. Linen and "skirting" for the tables are usually supplied by the banquet coordinator.

Q: Do you have lighting available?
A: Yes! Lighting makes any event more exciting and memorable. Our DJ packages include a four can lighting show free of charge. For a more elaborate light show ask in advance to reserve the "Electric Package" (additional fees will apply).

Q: Do you have professional equipment?
A: Yes! We use sound and lighting equipment that is "professional grade disc jockey equipment", designed for use by mobile DJ's. This equipment is designed to "take a beating" without over heating. DO NOT USE HOME STEREO EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR EVENT! Home equipment is not designed for such use and may over heat and/or cause damage that may not show up right away. Your car may be able to race around a race track, but how many laps will it make before it needs some major maintenance?

Q. Why should I use Ace Entertainment as opposed to hiring a cheaper service or asking my cousin to play his stereo?
A: We are true experienced professionals. We constantly strive to improve our "shows". You want your guests to remember your event. You want a professional that can be an Entertainer, an M.C., an announcer, and as flamboyant or subdued as you instruct. You want someone that uses equipment that was made to produce clear sound for hours without overheating. You want someone who has performed at events such as yours countless times and is ready for whatever might come up. You want the peace of mind that the music is being handled by a dependable, experienced, professional.

Q: Why do disc jockeys charge so much? Come on, aren't they just playing music just like I do at home everyday?
A: I love this question. Really. There are so many misperceptions of DJs and what we do. I started performing in the 1980s. Although the cost of gas, maintaining a vehicle, phone lines, websites, music and equipment has all gone up, DJs get paid about the same. A caterer may charge $26 a plate for a meal. (100 people = $2,600) If a Disc Jockey charged half of that, ($13 a head) (100 people = $1,300) for 3 hours of entertainment that DJ would still charge you more than double what you'll pay with Ace Entertainment. I believe your guest will remember the entertainment over what they ate, but the average person will pay twice the amount for food. There truly is a lot that goes into each event. We believe in the quality services we provide and you are welcome to ask those who have hired us if we are worth it.

Q: Do you charge for set-up?
A: There is no charge for set-up, except in extreme circumstances (i.e. stairs, distance to transport at the actual location).

Q: Do you charge for travel?
A: There is no charge for travel within the city limits of Bloomington. We may charge a travel fee outside of the city limits of Bloomington. ($25 for every 30 minutes of travel time.)

Q: If my party runs later, can you stay longer?
A: Yes. You don't have to go home. You can request additional time after your scheduled time. Just ask your DJ. We ask that you check with the banquet coordinator or facility manager and per their approval, and as long as we are not booked for another performance that evening, we'll rock until you drop or your mom makes you stop. This is considered "overtime" and will only cost you an additional $100 per hour. PARTY ON DUDE!!

Q: Is a deposit is required?
A: We require a $200 non-refundable deposit. That deposit is deducted from your total, with the remaining balance due one week before the event.

Q: Who will be the DJ at my event?
A: If you prefer a specific disc jockey every attempt will be made to have that DJ at your event. To assure a specific person please make that request well in advance, and an addition fee may apply. If you request a DJ duo (i.e. DJ Ace & Sweet Lorraine or Timtation & Chief Thunder Thighs) additional fees will apply.

Q: Must we meet to plan your event?
A: No. Some people would rather talk in person, others over the phone. That's fine with us. We want to make this part of your event as stress-free as possible. This can all be done either from our website, on the phone or in person if you choose.

Q: Do you do special dances/games?
A: Yes. Our disc jockeys are professionally trained to entertain (along with playing good music) through dances/ games i.e., The Electric Slide, The Cha-Cha Slide, Macarena, Locomotion, The Chicken Dance, Bunny Hop and Hokey Pokey. We can host wedding games and trivia; games like "The Shoe Game" "Minute To Win It", "Who's Smarter Than A DJ?", "What's The Name Of That *$#@ Song?", "Fact or Crap and my favorite, "My Spouse Sounds Like A _____".

Q: Are you always interactive with guests?
A: No. We are aware that some clients may prefer a "NON-CHEESY" event. Sometimes a client requests that we just play music and not say much on the microphone while others request that we tell jokes and talk throughout the event. Some clients may request that we mix music by B.P.M. (beats per minute) while others may not even know what that means. We will be as interactive as you wish. IT'S YOUR EVENT!

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